coach approach

Today coach approach came, it was awesome we had 6 different coaches and 6 Sports. My favourite 4  were hip hop, afl, Baseball and frisbee. l got  hit in  face by a baseball because l was not paying attention.

We also did frisbee. Me and my friend got 60 throws in a row with out dropping it we just won to another team by 3 throws.

Then  l went to hip hop it was one of my favourites we jumped around like crazy then sadly it was over and coach approach left. (:

I think our  town is dirty and this is what l am going to do about it.  if no one stops it there will be nearly every single sea species killed  because rubbish floats in to a river which goes to the sea and nearly nothing to research in the sea. What will we do then? That also means  no fish no  sea animals. that’s why l think we should pick up after ourselves.

CR Helen Radnedge


Did you know there where Tasmania devils on you land before you came yeah l am talking
about you someone in your family chased or killed them you killed and made them in danger.
(They are only in Tasmania now )
I found out that when CR Helen Radnedge
came to talk to us this morning
We found out lots about how special of a place we live in, learn in ,play in and lots more
I found out we are lucky that we have a quiet suburb where it’s quiet at night and fun
when the sun is up.

I found out that she grew up around Melbourne and when she was
15 when she moved to Gisborne
Her favourite place is the natural re
Her first job was at the Gisborne hardware store
When she goes in to a meeting to build a store discuss some thing
there is always 9 people so there is a winner
There is around 400 people that work at the council
when she became a councillor she had to write 250 words about her self.

Now I know that if I’m worried about our town becoming too polluted I can talk to the councillors.



Paddy as skinny as a  skeleton running up and down in his pen  barking at at horses soccer his favourite sport  over the fence and he is on it paddy grabs the ball  and says l am going to destroy that later


Anzac Day poem

They had to fight for us it was never going to be a game. They knew they had to leave their family and country behind to protect them some died protecting they’re their country and family some died getting out of the boat by drowning. Injured men were screaming for help some making it home back to their family and country to become a veteran. By James. B